Reflexology can be applied to the hands, feet and ears. There are strategic points located in these parts of the body that reflect in our internal organs through electrical impulses that are transmitted to the brain when we stimulate them.

Hand Chart

Understanding the reflexology of the hands is essential to start using this technique beneficial to our health. Reflexology is a massage technique that acts on certain points of the body in order to provide relief from some pain, treatment and prevention of some ailments and a relaxing well-being. The technique is ancient, and was first mentioned by the Egyptians about 2,500 years before Christ.

Today, after several investigations and verification of the benefits it brings to health, it is one of the most used techniques in the West also as a means of providing health.

Reflexology Hands

As in other parts of the body such as feet and ears, we can also find reflex points on the palms and the back of the hands. Each point corresponds to a type of illness, discomfort or stress. When properly pressed they provide well-being and immediate relaxation.

Because it is an exposed part of the body, reflexology of the hands can be practiced in the office, traveling by public transport, or at home watching television. This practice will undoubtedly relieve the symptoms of stress, nervousness and tension, but if you want to address some type of ailment, the ideal is to find an expert manual therapist trained in this technique.

Reflexology is indicated for a good number of occasions:

  • Migraine: headaches caused by hormonal changes, stress or tension.
  • Chronic constipation: slow intestine, lazy and little functional.
  • Blood circulation: poor blood circulation can be caused by obesity or the continued use of the contraceptive pill.
  • Stress: symptom of nervousness and impatience caused by the numerous commitments and stress situations of day to day.
  • Anxiety: symptom triggered by stress situations.
  • Fibromyalgia: syndrome that causes symptoms such as fatigue, pain and sleep disorders.

You can use hand reflexology yourself to relieve the symptoms of headaches, congestion and sore shoulders. The reflexologists requires you to apply more pressure than you would use on your feet because the reflection points in your hands are much deeper.

Reflexology of the hand is a natural technique, and includes the use of aromatic essential oils, which can also be very effective against certain ailments. Some oils enhance the power of massages, as they contain beneficial elements for the body and correspond to a natural treatment.

Start your Reflexology Hand Massage

Step 1:  Sit in a comfortable chair in a quiet room.

Step 2:  Enter a state of relaxation using a bit of your favorite oil hands. Oils and creams are normally not used in professional reflexology sessions, but will not hurt to use them in an informal session.

( Download – Hands Acupressure Points Chart)

hand reflexology
hand reflexology

Step  3: Rub the cream on your hands for several minutes until completely absorbed. This will relax your hands and increase flexibility in preparation for applying reflexology. Be sure not to use a cream or oil greasy your hands are not slippery.

Step 4: Close your eyes and focus on any area of your body where you feel an uncomfortable pain. Sometimes you just feel as if some part of your body feel misaligned.

Step 5: Consult a hand reflexology map to identify the points of reflection in your hands that correspond to the parts of your body you want to work. For example, if you have pain in your left shoulder, you have to query the map and see that the points of reflection for your shoulder are located on the little finger of the left hand.

Step 6: Firmly press the reflex point. You can gradually increase the pressure to make sure you’re “activating” the reflex, but loose a little if you feel some pain.

Step 7: Hold the pressure for 30 seconds and release.

Step 8: Wait a few seconds and repeat. You can press either 30 seconds or you can press and release the point of a pulsed for 30 seconds.

 Hands Reflexology – Final Steps –

Step 9: Use your thumb to apply light pressure technique pressure if you are uncomfortable. To do this, use a circular motion over the same point of reflection for about 5 seconds, then rotates in a circular in the opposite direction for 5 seconds. Repeated several times for each point of reflection.

Step 10: Reflexology applies to all areas in both hands, but lend him more attention on problem areas.

Step 11: When you’ve finished your reflexology session sit quietly for at least 10 minutes. If possible, lie down and rest well for half an hour.

Step 12: Drink several glasses of water after applying reflexology. Water will help to drain the toxins released from your organs and muscles during the session.

Hand reflexology is a back rub procedure that squeezes different reflex focuses around your hands. The conviction is that these focuses connect to various body parts and that kneading the focuses can assist with mitigating indications in different territories of the body.

There’s restricted research supporting the advantages of hand reflexology. Huge numbers of the examinations seeing its belongings have been little and conflicting.

In any case, these examinations didn’t discover any dangers or negative wellbeing impacts related with hand reflexology (albeit pregnant ladies ought to stay away from it, as clarified underneath). Furthermore, there’s a lot of recounted proof from individuals who attempted it and discovered alleviation.

Continue perusing to become familiar with the science behind hand reflexology and some regular weight focuses you can attempt.

For nervousness

A recent report indicated that hand reflexology decreased nervousness in individuals who were going to experience coronary angiography (an insignificantly intrusive strategy that assists with diagnosing heart conditions). Individuals who had hand reflexology or a basic hand rub experienced less uneasiness about the technique.

For nervousness help, apply strain to the Heart 7 (HT7) point. It’s discovered just beneath the wrinkle of your wrist on your external hand. You should feel a little scratch here. Back rub this territory for one moment on two hands.

For stoppage

Reflexology may assist with calming both physical and passionate reasons for blockage. A little 2010 examination found that 94 percent of members detailed having less stoppage manifestations following a month and a half of hand reflexology.

A considerable lot of them additionally had decreased indications of uneasiness and sorrow, proposing that hand reflexology might be particularly useful for stress-related clogging. Notwithstanding, the examination had just 19 members, so progressively huge scope considers are required.

Attempt it by finding your Large Intestine 4 (LI4) pressure point. It’s situated between your thumb and forefinger. Utilize your fingertips to apply strain to this plump webbing on your correct hand for one moment. Rehash on your left hand.

For cerebral pains

Reflexology might be helpful in treating cerebral pains, particularly on the off chance that they’re brought about by pressure or tension. An audit from 2015 detailed that reflexology positively affected cerebral pains. In the wake of getting treatment for a half year, the greater part of the members saw diminished indications. Right around 25 percent of them quit having migraines totally, and around 10 percent had the option to quit taking prescription for cerebral pains.

Take a stab at utilizing the equivalent LI4 pressure point depicted previously. Back rub and squeeze the beefy territory, concentrating on any irritated zones.

You can likewise attempt the Pericardium 6 (P6) point. You’ll see it a couple of creeps underneath your wrist wrinkle between the two ligaments. Delicately knead this point for one moment on two hands.

Finding a reflexologist

While you can give reflexology a shot your own at home, you can likewise search out a reflexologist, a pro in the training.

Attempt to discover one who’s confirmed by the American Reflexology Board. They can work with you to concoct an arrangement to give alleviation to the side effects you’re having.

Is it safe?

Hand reflexology is commonly sheltered, with a couple of alerts.


  • Pregnant ladies ought to keep away from pressure point massage in light of the fact that specific weight focuses can initiate withdrawals. On the off chance that compressions are wanted, pressure point massage should just be utilized with your primary care physician’s endorsement.

You ought to likewise converse with your PCP before attempting hand reflexology on the off chance that you have:

  • circulatory issues of the feet
  • irritation or blood clumps in your legs
  • gout
  • thyroid issues
  • epilepsy
  • low platelet tally
  • looseness of the bowels
  • bacterial or contagious skin contaminations
  • open injuries
  • hand irritation
  • fever or any irresistible ailment

Furthermore, ensure you don’t quit following some other medicines recommended by your primary care physician except if they advise you to do as such.

The reality

Hand reflexology might be a helpful apparatus for decreasing manifestations of torment and stress. Simply recall that a significant number of hand reflexology’s advantages don’t have any logical sponsorship.

Notwithstanding, having a hand rub will be unwinding. Diminishing pressure and being in a quiet state can assist your insusceptible framework with functioning better. Also, you’ll likely feel good.

Stay aware of any continuous treatment plans suggested by your primary care physician, and quit applying pressure if your side effects appear to deteriorate