Ear reflexology is not as well-known as foot or hand reflexology, but it is just as effective for relieving stress and pain. Application of ear reflexology is fast and easy. It is ideal to use when other health conditions make the more traditional reflex therapies unsuitable because of cuts, scrapes or other more serious injuries.

(Pressure Points in ear: EAR CHART)

In this image you will find the pressure points in ear. Click and see it bigger:


You can follow these steps to start your EAR massage:

Step 1: Check reflexology chart ears to find the reflex points to any particular issue you are experiencing so you can be sure to focus on those points during the session.

Step 2: Sit in a comfortable chair in a quiet room.

Step 3: Put your hair back if it is long or can interfere with reflexology.

Step 4: Start with the ear lobes of both ears. Press your lobes and you gently pull them down – only a gentle tug downward, do not pull hard or you may experience pain. Step 5: Trace the outer edge of the ears up and about. Repeat this movement several times.Sit in a comfortable chair in a quiet room.

Step 6: Identify sensitive areas in the ears, if any. Pay attention to any place in the ear more sensitive feel, any irritation or pain when you press or squeeze.

Step 7: Starts at the top of the right ear and slowly make the thumb and index finger is placed along the outer edges, continuing to the end of your ear. Apply pressure to the outside edge of the ear gently press and release each point along the ear. For best results, repeat this procedure at least five times. Go slow and keep the pressure for at least five seconds before slowly moving down to the next point.

Step 8: Repeat this process on the left ear.

Step 9: Work on internal cracks ear, if you wish, as there are many reflex points there too. Reflexologists ear professionals typically use a small stick to work these points because the fingers are too large to detect a reflection.

This is other Ear Reflexology Map



Would you be able to Relieve Headaches with Acupressure?

Pressure point massage

Ear infections and migraines are now and again brought about by sinus irritation. Weight that develops in your sinus holes can cause your ears to feel “stuffed up” or cause difficult throbbing around your sanctuaries and behind your ears. For quite a long time, pressure point massage and back rub have been utilized as a solution for agony and weight in your ears and head.

Pressure point massage is an elective medication method dependent on certain “vitality focuses” on your body. There’s proof to propose that pressure point massage can be utilized to treat wellbeing states of the sinus territory and ear channel. The weight focuses on your ear are known as the “auricular focuses.”

Pressure point massage includes squeezing similar regions where a needle therapy needle would be embedded. This would show that weight focuses on parts of your body that aren’t in torment can treat and assuage the indications of cerebral pains and ear infections. Continue perusing to discover what we think about pressure point massage and comprehensive medication.

The science behind weight focuses, ear infections, and migraines

The proof we need to help pressure point massage as a migraine treatment is for the most part recounted. There is some evidence rested Source that rub treatment, which invigorates pressure focuses just as flow, can lessen head torment and advance sinus seepage. A survey of the literature trusted Source recommends that seepage of the lymph hubs on your neck can be performed physically, and may prompt head and ear help with discomfort.

In the event that your torment is identified with pressure, sensitivities, or sinus blockage, treatment with pressure point massage is genuinely okay and may merit an attempt.

Weight focuses on ear infections and cerebral pains

On the off chance that you might want to attempt pressure point massage to treat a migraine or ear infection, follow these means:

  1. Ensure you are in a loose and calm setting, and in an agreeable position. Take in profoundly for a few breaths before starting your treatment.
  2. Utilizing a firm, profound weight, knead the weight focuses you have distinguished on your body. Turn your fingers in a round or all over movement for a few minutes at each point, concentrating on each in turn.
  3. Rehash the back rub treatment a few times during the day.

The following is a rundown of weight focuses, just as a rundown of conditions every case to treat.

Brow (‘third eye’)

Between your eyebrows and simply over the extension of your nose is a point once in a while alluded to as the “third eye.” Acupressure now could advance sinus waste and ease pressure in your cheeks, jaw, and brow muscles. Utilize this constrain point to treat the accompanying hurts brought about by disease or nasal clog:

  • sinus cerebral pains
  • pressure cerebral pains
  • headache cerebral pains
  • ear infections


At the point when you have a cerebral pain, scouring your sanctuaries may appear to be a programmed reaction. As per pressure point massage works on, rubbing the weight focuses on your sanctuaries can advance blood dissemination and help with migraine side effects. Attempt this cure on the off chance that you have a headache, light affectability, or a cerebral pain brought about by exhaustion.

Base of the skull (‘wind manor’)

This mainstream knead point is narratively viable to expand flow and improve unwinding. In the event that you have a migraine brought about by pressure or weakness, this could help calm your side effects. This weight point is once in a while called “wind manor,” and can be found at the “empty” or “plunge” at the base of your skull.

Wind screen

This point can be discovered right behind your ear cartilage. Animating this point with pressure point massage back rub may calm ears that vibe “stuffed,” just as help to diminish tinnitus and headache.


This weight point is found legitimately before where your ear cartilage starts. Pressure point massage on this point is utilized to calm weight that develops around your jaw and in your ears. This could make it compelling in treating tinnitus, ear contaminations, ear infection, strain cerebral pain, and headache.


This point is situated on the top piece of the deepest ligament of your external ear. A few people see this specific weight point as so powerful at treating headache that they get a penetrating at the daith to invigorate it. Invigorate this constrain point to ease headache cerebral pains just as pressure and bunch migraine.

Hairline bend

This point is situated on your head, around 2 creeps over the highest point of your ear. A recent report proposed that animating this point was especially successful for treating tinnitus.

Paradise’s column

These two weight focuses are situated on either side of your neck, around 2 creeps beneath where your skull starts. You can animate these weight focuses simultaneously or decide to concentrate just on your head where you are having torment. Invigorating paradise’s column focuses could assuage sinus torment, ease pressure, and help with an ear infection or headache.

Ear summit

The aftereffects of a 2011 studyTrusted Source on needle therapy recommended that “auricular” pressure point incitement was a viable headache treatment. The ear zenith, situated on the ligament at where your ear goes to its most elevated point, is an auricular weight point well known in medicines for ear infection, headache, and strain cerebral pain.

Among thumb and index finger available (‘association valley’)

This weight point is situated on the “webbing” between your thumb and index finger. In spite of the fact that it might appear to be weird to treat a migraine or ear infection utilizing a weight point on your hand, this comprehensive cure is very famous and notable. Individuals use pressure point massage on this point to treat various sorts of painTrusted Source, including migraines, queasiness, wooziness, and gastrointestinal issues.


We can’t know without a doubt if pressure point massage attempts to stop migraines or alleviate pressure in your ears. In any case, there’s no proof to propose that trying these all encompassing cures could be hurtful, so it merits an attempt. In spite of the fact that more research is required, consideration regarding pressure focuses may help channel the sinuses and alleviate uneasiness.

Address your primary care physician on the off chance that you can’t discover help from your cerebral pains and ear infections following a few days. There are times when these manifestations can demonstrate an increasingly genuine wellbeing condition.