The face is how a computer keyboard, good enough to know the keys to control your welfare.

Reflexology is a healing method completely safe and effective, which involves applying pressure to specific reflex points, each of which is related to an organ or body part specific.

(Acupuncture Points on Face: the Facial Reflexology Chart)

Face reflexology chart

With its simple and profound application to relaxing reflexology gets the body to regain the power to heal itself. Indeed, the simple act of pressing reflex points can eliminate blockages in the body’s energy channels and open other avenues for natural healing.

Face Reflexology

The reflex is not a new form of treatment, known as plastic representations of ancient Egypt, more than 4000 years ago, on the administration of massages. These have evolved over time with various forms of reflexology massage of the feet, hands, pinna, scalp, and face.

Facial Reflexology was developed 25 years ago becoming a very effective therapeutic approach. The results are organic in nature, physical, chemical, and neurological.

The original method was discovered in Vietnam by Professor Bui Quôc Chau and his team of doctors and acupuncturists at a hospital in Saigon in 1980. His method includes elements based on acupuncture, Western medicine, neurology, and reflexology.  Dr. Chau studied the relationship between the face and the body and found in the face more than 500 points to stimulate, which only has 30 acupuncture points stimulation. Your map points relationship with the central nervous system and the cerebral cortex causing to be obtained fast and effective results.

Treatments are applied in different conditions such as muscle contractions and joint inflammations, stiff neck, knee problems, tendonitis, lumbago, arthritis headaches, back and neck pain, sciatica, neuralgia stomach ulcers, circulatory disorders, etc..

Acupuncture Points on Face: Benefits

The benefits of facial reflexology against other reflexology are: It can stimulate the reflex points of the face in any place and at any time of day to stop a cold, any type of fatigue, pain, etc..  No need to remove your shoes or clothing, but only glasses. It can stimulate the reflex points on the fingers or simply with a round tip pen (or a Bic pen), so the needles are not necessary and no inconvenient or expensive instrument. Everyone can practice this activity safely and without any knowledge of classical Chinese medicine (from 7-77 years). Its effectiveness is instantaneous, the result is visible immediately and is both curative and preventive. Its great advantage is that anyone can learn on your own and practice with himself or the people around them and avoid drug use, cutting the evil in the bud.

Another advantage is that regular stimulation relaxes face reflex points, improving circulation and removing wrinkles.  A relaxed face looks rejuvenated naturally. We see that facial reflexology allows you to treat health and beauty simultaneously. It is useful for all medical and paramedical professions: nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, beauticians, and magnetizing among others, allowing all pain relief within minutes relaxing the nervous system, renewing energy, and stimulating the immune and biological functions body.

It is easy to practice this method, just learn only about thirty reflex points of the face to be able to stop a cold, a headache, or any pain, no need any medical knowledge or Chinese medicine. This therapy is simple, painless, and pricks with short sessions and almost immediate improvement. To alleviate their ills and those of their relatives, only need your fingers or, at most, one rounded end pen that will serve to stimulate the reflex points of the face necessary Facial Reflexology has shown no contraindication.

Relaxation exercise with Facial Reflexology Chart

Here is a simple exercise you can practice when you wake up or during any time of the day you need to relax.  It only takes a few minutes. face reflexology massage

  • Start rubbing hands vigorously against each other for warmth.
  • Then put the palms of the hands-on the face on each side of the nose, fingers upwards.
  • With pressure, raise your hands along the central axis to the roots of the hair and then get hands-on each side of the face to the jaw and chin.
  • Repeat the movement several times.

This exercise relaxes, activates blood circulation, and energy.


How Does Face Reflexology Work?

Through firm touch and muscle control to the face, Face Reflex strategies reestablish the vitality, sending equalization to blocked zones that it needs the most. Facial incitement is incredible in light of the fact that it has the most limited pathways for the nerve cells interface with the Mind stem and it discharges synthetic compounds called endorphins. Endorphins guarantee your psyche is in a stable upbeat spot. The Sorensensiste Face Reflexology attempts to make an impression on the Central Nervous System (CNS) to guide the vitality to explicit organs and organs to manage your blood, hormones, and above all, support your resistant framework. It is additionally a basic exercise for the face to get a more youthful and more beneficial look.