The creams and lubricants should not be used in reflexology. Only used in relaxation techniques and massages. This is done because the essential oils and creams, with its smell can aid relaxation. However, in the case of using the treatment for other purposes, the oils can make the surface too slippery and can not be made correctly techniques.reflexology cream

The oils are ideal for relaxation exercises in the hands and feet, especially at theend of a treatment like a massage. In cases of relaxing reflexology usually always used.

Talcum powder and reflexology

The talcum powder or baby powder is often used to achieve better results in the hand and foot reflexology. It makes dusting the feet and hands full with the aim of absorbing body fat and sweat (ie, prevent hands from slipping) and to make it easier to move the fingers and thumbs on the body.

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It is quite difficult to walk comfortably thumb (reflexology technique) in a full session of reflexology without talc or something similar. Talcum powder is recommended with a pleasant fragrance to also help with the mood of the patient during the session.