Did you know that reflexology massage in the hands or feet could relieve migraines?

In the current era, reflexology clinics are seeing more and more patients coming in with complaints of muscle pain, premenstrual syndrome and headaches. Reflexology is both reactive and not preventive, which means that patients living with chronic migraine conditions can certainly benefit from reflexology in order to prevent episodes of headaches.

Reflexology for Migraines

reflexology for migraines

Many professionals of reflexology encourage their patients to learn about this discipline so that they themselves can be treated at home. The key of reflexology is to apply pressure at certain points that are located in our hands and feet. For this purpose, reflexology follows some principles of acupuncture; fortunately, involves the insertion of needles.

How reflexology works against migraines 

Foot reflexology works to relieve headaches through:

  •      Relax any muscular tension around the cervicals.
  •      Reduce stress and tension often responsible for many headaches.
  •      Improve nervous function.
  •      Improve blood circulation to all the glands and organs of the body.
  •      Help the body maintain homeostasis.

Pressure Points for Migraine (Headaches)

There are four foot reflexology points that can help you feel better immediately. Learn to rub your feet to relieve pain quickly and for an improvement in long-term symptoms.


1- Temporal area

If you experience headaches in the temporal area (sides of the head), this point is really effective for relief. The point of foot reflexology for these cases is found inside the big toe, between it and the index finger.reflexology for migraines 1_Temporal Area

If your right side hurts, you should massage the left foot, and if the pain occurs on the left side of your head you should massage the right foot. To give the massage at this point, use your thumb to press and rub from side to side this area. Start at the tip of your toe and continue down. When you reach the base of your finger, lift your thumb, put it back on top of your finger and repeat. Massage for 60 seconds.

2- Pressure points feet headache: Tai Chong (H3)

This point of Chinese reflexology is also known as Liver 3 because it is located in the meridian of the liver in our body. In Chinese medicine, the liver plays a key role in ensuring the flow of Qi throughout the body, and this also affects headaches.Reflexology for migraines TAI CHONG H3

The point is located at the top of the foot on the membrane between the big toe and the second toe. Use your thumb to feel the bones of both toes and locate where the bones cross. Next, slide your thumb over this intersection and press the depression between the bones. Press for a minute. As with the temporary area, you should massage the opposite foot of the area of the head where it hurts.


Warning: Do not touch this point if you are pregnant, it can induce labor

3- Pressure points for headaches on feet: Zu Ling Qi (GB 41)

The translation of this point into Spanish can be “tears without realizing it”. It is well called because by pressing this point, it is likely to be so sensitive that it will bring tears to our eyes. By pressing this point it is better to sin to stay short than to exceed.reflexology for migraines ZU Ling Qi GB 41

This point is located on the upper part of the foot between the little finger and the ring finger. To locate it, feel where the bones of both fingers meet. The point is just above that intersection. Once located, press 30 to 60 seconds.

4- face Area

If you are feeling the headache in the face area, the foot reflexology point for the face is a good idea to massage. The upper part of the big toe corresponds to the face, from the forehead to the neck.reflexology for migraines Face Area


Use your thumb to rub the top of the big toe, from side to side, from the base of the nail to the base of the big toe. When you reach the bottom of your thumb, start again at the top. Repeat 30 to 60 seconds.

5- edge of eyes

If you suffer from a headache due to tension or the common cold, with the pressure of these points, you get an immediate relief.reflexology for migraines Edge-of-eyes
With the tips of both index fingers, apply pressure to the two points at the same time, at least for one minute, while breathing deeply. If you wish, you can even stimulate each point separately, but be sure to do it for 1 minute on each side.

6- Middle Facereflexology and migraines

7- Lateral brainreflexology migraines

8- Hegu PoINT

reflexology for migraines He Gu Point

Can reflexology help migraines?

Of course it can help… you must only try the last steps… or find a person how can give you a good reflexology massage… 😉