Effective Pressure Points for Cough Relief

Discover the natural way to alleviate coughing through the stimulation of specific pressure points. This guide details how to find and activate acupressure point for cough relief, offering a complementary approach to managing persistent coughs and exploring pressure points to stop coughing.

What Are Pressure Points?

Pressure points are areas on the body where applying pressure can stimulate various health benefits, including the relief of cough symptoms. These points are rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and can be a part of holistic health practices, serving as a natural remedy for cough and respiratory discomfort.

Key Pressure Points for Cough

  • Heavenly Rushing (ST 36): Located on the leg, four fingers below the kneecap. Stimulating this point can boost immunity and alleviate cough.
  • Base of the Thumb (LU 11): Found at the base of the thumb, applying pressure here can help relieve coughing and sore throat, making it an essential acupressure point for cough.
  • Wrist Center (LU 9): Situated at the wrist crease, on the side of the thumb. It’s beneficial for reducing cough and improving lung health, acting as a key pressure point to stop coughing.
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How to Apply Pressure

Press each point gently but firmly with your fingertip or thumb. Maintain the pressure for 1-2 minutes, breathing deeply. Repeat several times a day or as needed for cough relief. These techniques are particularly effective for targeting acupressure point for cough and pressure points to stop coughing, offering relief without the need for medications.

While pressure points can offer significant relief from coughing, they should complement, not replace, medical treatment. For persistent or severe coughs, consult a healthcare professional.