Same benefits of a reflexology treatment are the followings:

The release of stress and stability of imbalances in the nervous system, such as insomnia or anxiety are the most popular benefits of Reflexology. This therapeutic technique helps to release accumulated emotional tension and reduce anxiety psychosomatic and transporting us to a level of maximum relaxation. Regulates the functions of wakefulness and sleep, providing a complete rest.


In addition to relieving stress, Reflexology activates blood and energy circulation. By treating the entire nervous system of the body through pressure points of the foot Reflexology fundamental influences directly lymphatic functions and improves the body's defenses.

Another benefit of Reflexology is the regulation of the digestive system. This therapeutic technique improves metabolism and helps eliminate toxins. Reflexology helps to release all those substances that pose a threat to the body and, in general, for our health. It is an excellent method of purification.

Thanks to its analgesic and preventive effects, reflexology relieves pain in a specific area and prevent it from returning. Thus, this therapeutic technique is ideal for all those who suffer from migraine headaches or headaches. It brings benefits in the treatment of common diseases such as those mentioned above, respiratory, digestive, cardiac, circulatory disorders, hormonal disorders, urinary, reproductive system, depression, back pain, muscle aches, arthritis and even allergies



This theory was developed by Dr. William H. Fitzgerald, it which is considered the father of the current Reflexology. 

This theory defines how in the body exist longitudinal lines, called meridians, which divide the body into ten zones.

Meridians of the body

Meridians of the body

 The meridians extends from head to toe. In the next neck and shoulders area meridians are separated, being in the arms and legs five equal parts, respectively. The meridians cross all organs and tissues reproducing this area as in the reflection, in our case on the feet.

Through manipulation of the reflecting area, the stimulation reaches the desired organ and eventually see the result in the rest of the body. We may also use this technique as prevention, pain in the foot reflex zone will indicate a disorder of the body indicated.

Human body meridians

Human body meridians




Constipation is a kind of intestinal disorder that reacts positively with reflexology. It has shown great results in reducing the emotional and physical symptoms caused by constipation.

How Reflexology works against constipation

Reflexology is considered really important in improving the process of digestion by improving the peristaltic movement in the intestines and colon. To normalize bowel movement, also improves the process of digestion and disposal.
Regular removal of wastes and toxins is achieved when reflexology has operated the digestive, nervous and lymphatic systems of the body properly.
Reflexology, like many alternative therapies, felt the effects of relaxation, calming sensation of heaviness linked to constipation.
An expert reflexologist can detect imbalances, freeing congestion, thus creating the digestive system to perform its functions effectively and properly.
Regular removal of wastes and toxins does improve nutrient absorption, circulatory functions and release tension and stress in the central nervous system.

In a session of reflexology treatment, an immediate physical response because the body works again with the strength to get rid of waste and toxins is achieved.
Exhaustion, small unexpected spasms, involuntary belching, decreased and increased energy, extreme tiredness and flu symptoms are some of the most common physical responses that occur during a session of reflexology treatment.
Reflexology is best to apply one hour before or after meals. A period of time with several sessions of reflexology is necessary before good results appear. However, you can not deny that this technique is effective and works in relieving the discomfort of constipation.

Reflexology is not a substitute to modern medication for constipation, but many people prefer this body work as a treatment option for constipation.

In fact, many people who have tried it say it works better than laxatives in improving bowel movements and most importantly, does not cause dependency or cramps.