14 Health Benefits of Reflexology Massage


reflexology massage

reflexology massage


1. Relaxation

When you receive a foot reflexology treatment, essentially you are giving a foot massage. Who does not want that?


2. Pain

A study done at the Uni2. Painversity of Portsmouth found that individuals who receive reflexology 40% reported less pain and could endure their pain by 45% more than those who were not treated.

3. circulation

As reflexology improves blood circulation, it can help with diabetes and overall wellness of a patient. Encourages homeostasis, a balanced state in the body that is beneficial for all functions.

4. Cancer Treatment

For its therapeutic effects, foot acupressure may help relieve pain, anxiety and even nausea associated with cancer treatments and the disease itself.

reflexology massage

reflexology massage


5. pregnancy

Reflexology can help morning sickness and has even been shown to help with contractions during labor.

6. Premenstrual syndrome

A 1993 study found that reflexology ear, hand and foot helps relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

7. Anxiety

There is not much scientific research regarding how about reflexology is effective for treating anxiety, but there is evidence that it is useful for temporary relief, because it lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

8. Insomnia

When your body is balanced and functioning better, you can sleep more peacefully.

9. Energy

The increased circulation time and self-care can definitely improve energy levels.

10. Organ Function

The pressure applied to the left foot affects the organs of the left-hand side of the body and vice versa. Massaging these pressure points helps stimulate and cleanse the bodies concerned.

11. Detoxification

Thanks to improved circulation and function of organs and glands, reflexology is excellent for detoxification.

12. Suckle

Mothers who breastfeed can benefit from reflexology because it stimulates and clean the ducts of the breast and the lymph and endocrine systems that promotes milk flow and relieves mastitis.

13. Migraine

Migraines can be released by stress and anxiety as well as digestive problems. Reflexology can be a preventive agent and a pain reliever.

14. Sexual appetite

By improving blood circulation, improves sexual appetite and relationships are more intense.

These are some heath benefits of a Reflexology massage, as you can see... are many benefits! :)



How much cost a normally reflexology foot massage? This is a normal question that you may have.

Price reflexology
You have to know that this massage will cost more or less the same as another message that you will receive, because you have to pay the time that the specialist is with you.

The reality is that is one of the cheapest massage in the market, because there are not needed special creams or any other expensive machine.

The normal price that you should pay for this massage will be around 1 USD per each minute. The foot reflexology massage takes not less than 30 minutes and could arrive up to one hour.

A normal price will be around 40-50 USD per one massage.

You have to know that a full reflexology treatment reflexology will consist in several massages, depending on the problem... It will be normal 6 or 8 meetings with the reflexology specialist (2 massages per week).

In resume: a complete reflexology foot massage treatment that will takes 30-45 days, will cost 300 USD.  



Same benefits of a reflexology treatment are the followings:

The release of stress and stability of imbalances in the nervous system, such as insomnia or anxiety are the most popular benefits of Reflexology. This therapeutic technique helps to release accumulated emotional tension and reduce anxiety psychosomatic and transporting us to a level of maximum relaxation. Regulates the functions of wakefulness and sleep, providing a complete rest.

foot reflexology benefits

foot reflexology benefits

In addition to relieving stress, Reflexology activates blood and energy circulation. By treating the entire nervous system of the body through pressure points of the foot Reflexology fundamental influences directly lymphatic functions and improves the body's defenses.

Another benefit of Reflexology is the regulation of the digestive system. This therapeutic technique improves metabolism and helps eliminate toxins. Reflexology helps to release all those substances that pose a threat to the body and, in general, for our health. It is an excellent method of purification.

Thanks to its analgesic and preventive effects, reflexology relieves pain in a specific area and prevent it from returning. Thus, this therapeutic technique is ideal for all those who suffer from migraine headaches or headaches. It brings benefits in the treatment of common diseases such as those mentioned above, respiratory, digestive, cardiac, circulatory disorders, hormonal disorders, urinary, reproductive system, depression, back pain, muscle aches, arthritis and even allergies