Foot map


To give a foot massage, that is based on this map, you must know the pressure points.  The basic principle is simply, applying pressure to the points that the map shows as appropriate, stimulate the central nervous system. The foot reflexology is used by the best masseuses who know the map used for this therapy Foot. Therefore, it has produced a practical guide to enable any beginner to massage these features.


 foot reflexology chart

Foot Reflexology Map

This is the most well know Foot Reflexology Map 

foot reflexology chart

foot reflexology chart

To perform a massage based on this technique, follow these guidelines:

  1. The massage should be performed on the reflex zones of the foot, for those who want to treat bodies.
    In reflexology, it is understood that the foot and their ends are connected to each organ in the body.
  2. You should apply intermittent pressure on points that the foot reflexology map shows as correct.
  3. To relax the foot during application of pressure, massage or should move in circles from the ankle joint, to cause optimum relaxation.

In short, it is detected early using the map, the area to be treated and try to apply pressure, mild to moderate for the duration of the massage.